Ok I just got the information in from my Rockford rep that the new product line should hit the market at the end of next month. Which means I have to have my layout ready by then and need to get started on anything I can before product arrives. However I can't decide how I want to do the amp layout in my trunk. I want to keep trunk space in this car it will be used for some demo purpose but at the same time it is still my car. I plan on doing the whole trunk in vynal however if anyone comes up with any ideas involving metal that works too. I don't want a real extream looking design so much as I want a smooth clean design. Lighting is fine cause I can turn it off whenever I feel like it. Basicly it is going in a 97 honda accord 2 of the new 12" subs will be facing twords the rear of the car the box will be mdf and molded out to meet the subs and in the center of the box between the two subs there will be a raised rockford logo and the box will be wrapped in vynal. Now then there are going to be 3 amps. 2 4 channels and 1 2 channel the 4 channels are 1.5 inches shorter then the 2 channel amp. There will also be 2 or 4 one farad caps in the car that need to be displayed. I have been tossing around using billet bar to mount the amps to and also use billet bar to provide the power to the amps. another idea I have thrown around is using a form of hinge so one of the amps can raise up to reveal something. still tossing around ideas and drawing diagrams haven't came up with anything I really like for the trunk just yet other then the speaker box. Feel free to draw something up and if I like what you send me then I'll send you some pictures of your idea brought to life. Thanks Oh yeah everything in the car will be rockford except for head unit and the caps because Rockford is stupid as **** and doesn't make digital caps anymore... The caps will be monster caps (plus the rockford ones don't match any of their product, how dumb is that?)