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Reload Thread: Hatchback box design

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    Hatchback box design

    how should designing a ported box for a hatchback be approached
    max dimensions:
    35" wide
    15.5" tall
    deep enough
    2 type Rs

    low tuning
    I can flare the port, so it can be smaller for less peakyness

    there is a thin piece of plastic/fiberglass covering the "trunk" that I will be leaving in place, don't want my gear being seen as i'll be in on a college campus.

    Its a second gen Ford probe

    port and speaking directions, i mean i think it can only back or else it'd be hitting right on the plastic piece.

    and why is it better to face subs away from you?

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    Re: Hatchback box design

    SUbs away from you is so the bass can reflect off the trunk lid and be louder.

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    Re: Hatchback box design

    I am not sure if this is true, but it would seem it works better sub/port back because it allows more distance for the sound wave to build, I have noticed in most vehicles, actually, the farther back you can get the port/subs the lower and cleaner it sounds. This has to be why, but I have no data to show it for sure other than testing in vehicles I have personally done....

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