my friend and I are putting his 4 9515's in his blazer on his stetsom 14k

we really want it to just be loud as hell and I was wondering if dd subs would have a significant more amount of ouput in like a 6th order. It would be tuned for daily but still hopufully put up some nice numbers. He is at about a 154 right now in his rodeo.

I mean we are goin to have concrete surrounding the box and just pondering some crazy ideas right now

he doesnt want to do a wall so I'm guessing subs up port back if we were to just do regular ported with interchangeable ports

I'm guessing 4.5 net cubes each tuned to whatever we want this sound about right?

Just looking for some crazy ideas I already pmed 80 but he hasn't got back to me about this 6th order thing