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Reload Thread: Bigger port= peak closer to tuning freq

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    Bigger port= peak closer to tuning freq

    Long story short, my goal is to get more "lows" in my current setup. My current box is tuned to 32, but iv'e got a small port (6" aero) on a 4 cube box.

    Would upping the 6" port to a 7" aero help me achieve more lows? My theory behind this (besides the less "resistance" of the port) would be that since a larger port tends to make a woofer more peaky at it's tuning frequency, I would essentially get louder at lower frequences nearing my tuning frequency of 32hz.

    Would 1" larger diameter port even be noticeable though? It increases port are from about 28" to 39".

    Disregard all volume/tuning differences, as i'll be making it external since it'll be larger.

    And as a side note, any suggestions on how to make a 7" aero? I'm planning on getting 8" sonotube and cutting a section out to make it 7".


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    Re: Bigger port= peak closer to tuning freq

    resin the **** out of something that has a 7" diameter

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    Re: Bigger port= peak closer to tuning freq

    Add a second 6" port

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