The subject pretty much spells it out! I'm looking to have someone draft me up a blueprint for a 4th order bandpass enclosure for my 2x AQ HDC315s. I have a single one in my trunk now, and i'm assuming this will have to be built in my trunk (which, is fine). Here's an image to show the dimensions of my trunk (note, this image isn't my personal trunk, it's just a google image with my dimensions).

The trunk is 33" tall, and 16" wide at its most narrow point (at the back seats). Also, I would like to have the ports vented up near the back seats, as i'll be removing the rear deck (or atleast cutting holes in it to bring the sound into the cabin of the vehicle).

If someone around here charges for custom blueprints like this, or just as a courtesy offer, I appreciate it!

Thanks guys!