I am trying to install a 15'' Solo Classic in a 2007 Nissan Titan CC under the back seat. Right now the truck has 2 12's ported back there and they are in about 1.9 per sub. I am trying to get the 15 back there with out the box sticking out past the seat. the dimensions I have to work with are:

the top depth I have is 15'' at the top because it slants toward the back
the bottom depth is 14''
the front height is 12'' ( this is at the very front of the seat)
the height in the back of the seat is 8''
the overall length I have is 58''
and on the hump I have 7'' in the front and 3'' in the back

So what I need help with is a box design that will work with the dimensions listed above
The woofer needs 1.25 cu. ft sealed, it has a mounting depth of 7 7/8 an a cutout hole diameter of 13 7/8