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Reload Thread: getting bass from trunk into cabin

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    getting bass from trunk into cabin

    I'm building the system in my 2nd car, and the time has come to attack the sub-issue.

    The car is an Acura Integra GSR Sedan, and its a second car, that I need to keep the utility of, so space is an issue, and I need to be able to fold down the rear seat, and use the pass-through.

    I also want to keep the rear seat shut all the time, to keep what pressure I can behind the 8" bass/midbass/midrange I have in the hatshelf.

    I'm a SQ guy, so a simple sealed box is my choice, but I don't like the sound of boxes in a sealed in a trunk.

    I've built a bandpass before, but the lack of accuracy, and "boomyness" wouldn't give me what I want. So building a tall/skinny BP, tucked to one side of the trunk, ported through the hatshelf, really isnt an option - unless there is something new I dont know about BP boxes (which there is alot I dont know about cabinet design).

    Putting a 12" (largest that will fit) in my hatshelf, and building a seald box down to the bottom of the trunk isnt an option, because I have alot of moving linkage lining the underside of the shelf.

    So - I need educated/expereinced advice on how to get the most accurate bass I can into the cabin, because like I said, I just dont like the sound of a sealed box - in a sealed trunk.

    Haven't decided on what sub-driver to use yet, but space is an issue, so Im looking at a 10". My 8's in my rear deck go down to 35hz and pretty smoothly down to 40hz, so I just need a little bottom end.

    Question - will building a ported box -porting it through the shelf, and running the speaker out of phase do me any good?

    Or is the simple sealed box in my sealed trunk still the best I can hope for with my needs?

    Any and all help is much appreciated - I hope to start building something within the next few weeks.

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    Re: getting bass from trunk into cabin

    Some people say that rearfil isn't needed, and it takes away from the front staging. So they take out their rearfil to put an end to that annoyance, and at the same time more bass from the trunk flows straight into the cabin through the empty cutouts.

    Just a cheap suggestion.

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