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    Building materials

    After getting my materials and finally deciding on my design, I'm ready to start building my box. What will I need to build a functional box, anything that has to do with liquid nails, sealer, any wiring situations that might arise, or any help with the general building of a box would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Building materials

    3/4" MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard )
    2" Drywall Screws (or Liquid Nails if you prefer)
    Bondo Body Filler , Silicon , or Culk
    Plans, Patience, and Precision.

    That's about all you need to build a functional box.
    Im sure u know that u need to tools to work with these things properly like Skillsaws, table saws, culk and silicon appliers, and screwdrivers... but i just thought i might mention it while i am typing.

    Plans: Besure to double check your plans and drawouts there is nothing worse than cutting all your MDF up and then the pieces not fitting together.

    Patience: Don't rush things, when you rush thats when fingers get lost.

    Precision: Try and make straight cuts, im usualy precise down to about 1mm. but don't get all freaked out if it's off by about a centimeter (~1/3").. you can fix that later.

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