i wanted try a new method of construction (not a speaker box but a storage box) where there are 45 degree bevels that i would glue together instead of just putting together 2 flat edges together (think old school picture frame) so you wont see the edges of the wood. What i can't figure out is how to get the panels the length i want with the bevels cut on them. What i figured out is that when working with 3/4" material the distance from the tip of the bevel to where the wood returns flat(180 degrees) is 3/4" so say if i want the panel to be 6"long excluding the bevels I would cut the panel 7.5" with straight 0 degree cuts and slide the fence to the table saw 3/4" closer to the blade when i cut each bevel so the panel would be 6" wide minus the two bevels but is this the right way to plan for this or what?