hey guys.

I have had my system installed for a few years now. over all i love it. super loud and sounds very clean (Mid to High 140's on music 150.1 tones) .

i cant help but wonder if it can be better.

currently my box is just over 10 cubes tuned to right around 38.
the subs face up in the back of my F150 super cab. there are two ports facing forwards and they fire under the seats of the truck.

What i want to try is having a single part also facing forwar however firing up high in between the seats. this would allow free movment of the air to the front of the cab.

My question is does anyone think this would be worth all the trouble??

below is a link to my system now to give a better idea of how things are currently
the video is not very good but you can stleast see the box

any help would be greatly appreciated