Recently I've been thinking about trying to fit a 15" Icon in the trunk of my Sunfire as opposed to the 12" I've planned. I typically would just use a slotted port, but the amount of displacement taken up by the port would bring the box pretty much all the way down to 3cft as opposed to the 4 that's supposed to be optimal. So I've been reading a bit and the idea of using Aero ports kind of interested me. However, does the recommendation for port area remain the same (12-16 square inches per cubic foot)? If so, I would need 2 6" ports or 4 4" ports, and in both configurations the port length would have to be too long.

Is my only bet for fitting a 15" is to settle with something like a 3cft box and making up for it using polyfill? How much polyfill would be necessary? The dimensions I'm working with are probably somewhere around 32x16x19 (WxHxD). I'm hoping 16 would be enough for the height since the trunk isn't too high. I figured I'd double up the MDF to allow me to mount the sub so close to the edge. I guess I could mount the sub on top, but would I lose ouput as opposed to facing it to the rear?