I have a 99 Yukon. Currently running 2 Diamond Audio D3 12 dvc in a slotted box with 800wrms Alpine mono amp. I just recently purchased a DA D9 15 dvc 4ohm single sub.

I need some help in dimensions for a good box for this sub. I have read that it will only take a sealed box but I am interested in going with a slotted. Basically I want to go spl rather than sq. If anyone has some dimensions or what not that would be great. I seen the free box section and found one for a slotted box and seems great but will it really matter if it is vented or sealed?

Any information would be appreciated. I have tried re calculator. Realmofex for info also.

I have included the specs below. I hate to bother anyone but I would like to build my own box and see if it comes out good. I have built a box for a 12 in the past and it was decent.

SPL - 88
Qms - 3.7
Qes - 0.53
Qts - 0.49
Fs (Hz) - 26
Vas (L) - 75
Cms - 0.100
Mms - 405
Sd (m2) - 0.0785
BL (T.M) - 29
Re (ohm) - 6.2
Xmax (mm) - 26
Znom (series) ohm - 8

Vb - 1.4~3.0
F3 - 40~32
Pe - 1800~800
Qtc - 1.0~0.71

Bolt Cir. Dia - 14.80"
Outside Dia. - 15.59"
Depth - 9.49"
Thru Hole Dia. - 14.14"
Displacement ft3 - 0.18

Thanks in advance,