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Reload Thread: Wheather Stripping for inverted 15" EDa

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    Wheather Stripping for inverted 15" EDa

    1) I was wondering what kind of wheather stripping I should use for my EDa when I mounting it in my 2 cuft sealed box (I will be invert mounting my sub)?

    2) Also what size and type of screws should I get when sealing it into my box?

    3) Should I use polyfill for the EDa 15" in the 2cuft sealed?

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    i've never seen or heard of people putting weather stipping on while inverting. i've never have atleast. u probaly could if u really wanted to. it probaly would help. u could probaly get some at builders warehouse or wherever. 2 cubes is enough. no polyfil.

    well 1-1.25 inch screws.

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