I just got it and I am messing around with it. But i dont understand how the part list tab works.

I made a vented box and the prats list gives me cut-out pieces for the box and then more cut-out pieces for the vent.

The way the list pieces makes it seem that the vent will be added to the outside of the box. I was wondering if there is a way to get the vent put inside the box and get actual cutouts.

^^ so thats prolly very confusing. Here the box i made is 14.75in. X 23in. X 37in.

Here is the parts list:
Box Parts (Optimum Square Prism)
1 Top, 1 Bottom: 37.04 (c) x 23 (b) in
0.75 (thick) in
1 Front: 13.29 (a) x 21.5 (d) x 1.5 (thick) in
1 Back: 13.29 (a) x 21.5 (d) x 0.75 (thick) in
2 Sides: 13.29 (a) x 37.04 (c) x 0.75 (thick) in

Vent Parts
1 Top, 1 Bottom: 5in. (e) x 21.89 (h) in
0.75 (thick) in
2 Sides: 13.29 (g) x 21.89 (h) x 0.75 (thick) in

^^ see why do they give me a cutout for the top and bottom of the port? Shouldnt the front of length of the box be smaller than the back to make up for port with?

help plz