ok i got two boston g1's.. i built a sealed box for them going by recommended size.. 1 cubic foot per speaker..

so anyway i built the box, and granted i dont have a real amp for them yet.. but i did hook up 400 watts or so to them.. and they barely move... and arent loud at all..

so i modeled the box in winisd... and i come up with a qtc over 1.2... and this just seems to high... going up to 4-5 cubic feet gets me to .8-.9 qtc which is better... but everywhere i read ppl say not to make such a large sealed box... but this sub seems to have a pretty stiff suspension, and maybe this wouldnt be such a bad thing?

anyway here are the specs.. if anyone wants to mess around and tell me what box they would make for it. i would appreciate it.

fs: 26
re: 1.75
qms: 10.4
qes: .57
qts: .54
vas: 112 L
mms: 137 g
cms: 275
xmax: 10.5
xmech (one way): 22
sd: 520 cm2
bl: 8.27
spl [email protected] 1w - 94 @ 2.83