Well I am going to need some help making a ported box for this subwoofer I will be getting. I've been told to tune it to 35hz, but I really dont know if that is going to be proper.

My MAX dimensions for the box, (if you can shave at least an inch or so off the depth and width that would be better)

21 Inches Wide
14 Inches Deep
23 Inches Tall

This will be going into my 1995 Chevy S10 Extended cab. I'll be powering the sub with a jbl bp 600.1. I mainly listen to heavy metal/death metal etc, with a little rap and techno ocassionally.

Also, any tips on setting up the port would be great. I can make a slot port that shouldnt be a problem I have all the tools I will need and time etc.

I was looking at this box that eD reccomends, and I could make it, but i'm not sure if its tuned properly, or will sound good with what I want.

Well any help will be great, if you want to chat about things that would be cool just IM me on InfiniteDrkness I am always up for a good chat about car audio. Lets hope my first dip into making a ported box will be a good one Oh and one more thing this will be a daily driver pointed towards mainly SQ but I still want it to bump Thanks.