My new setup so here we go:

In order to prevent further displacement I'm considering adding a baffle to the outside of the enclosure.
- Will this be a sufficient amount of support for the sub vs a baffle on the interior?

- When using's calculator for aeroports it asks to input "Volume of Box in Cubic Feet" is this before or after all displacements?

- Can someone provide a link for instructions or a diagram on how i am supposed to wire under hood batter>trunk battery>amps

- How should i wire the (2)saz1500's to (2)FI BL Dual 1
looking to get the whole 1500w to each sub individually?

- Anyone willing to draw me up a sketch preferably someone good sketching up Flared Aeroports; would be great but its no biggie (I'll provide dimensions later) possibly a cut sheet also.

- Suggest a budget trunk battery under $200 that'll be good for this particular setup. Not looking to buy multiple batteries just have space and funds for ONE.

Thanks in advance.