Aight time to give the girlie a lil somethin she prolly would never use but i have equipment to get use out of ha

So i narrowed it down to 4 8s, mainly these right here:

I bought 2 and they came today...seem pretty beefy, and solid ofr 40 bucks a pop

Now heres the question:

I dont wanna go with a normal ported, i wanna try some kinda diff design, be it 4th order, 6th order, abc, etc

It only has to do one LOWWWW.....ill prolly only use it to play hella low songs....and i know shell never use it so it doesnt matter

So what to go with.......what would give me what im trying to clueless on these types of enclosures.....ill prolly buy a design so i dont need to worry bout that, just need to know which would give me my desired result and what about tuning

4 8s
AB 200.1(2ohm)
2005 Corolla.............TYPE S ninjas

Thoughts, comments......etc