Ok I'm having a terrible hard time deciding on what sub box design I want build and use in my extended cab 2000 ranger. I'm planing to put it behind the passenger seat and in front of the jump seat(dont want to remove them) on the floor on that side.

I will be using a 12" Pioneer TS-W307D2 400 Watt RMS sub in the enclosure with a requirement of .85 to 1.75 cubic feet.

I basically trying to decided between two options as of now:

the first one is a sealed wedge shape that's 17" W x 16" H x 13 1/8" D1 x 10 3/8" D2(1.25 cubic feet)

The sub woofer will be facing the back of the passenger seat which might be a problem with some passengers as the will get a massage

The second option would be a sealed rectangular box that's 13" W x 16" W x 17" D(1.5 cubic feet).

The sub woofer will be facing the side towards the drivers seat in the back with the backside of the box close to the rear passenger door.

The problem with this option would be the size as I wont be able to lean the passenger seat back and its pretty narrow for a 12" woofer. Also would it produce good clean bass facing it towards the drivers side?

Anyone have any suggestions on which option would be best to go with?