Skip first paragraph if need be...just some of my rambling.

I've built 2 boxes for the BTL and am looking to build another one. The first one was 5.5 cu. ft. tuned to 33hz and the second was 7 cubes tuned to 33hz also. I liked the 5.5 cu. ft. box better because it was louder @ the songs with higher notes while still killing the lows. The 7 cube was a bit louder however at the low 30hz stuff. I rarely listen to stuff down that low so im shrinking down back to the 5 cube because i liked it better.

Well anyways i'm about to build a box for a show thats sunday and looking for some opinions on what you guys think would be better. The enclosure i'm going to be build next will be 5 cubes tuned to 35hz. Now my question is how much port area would be best for a 18" BTL @ 5 cubes with about 3kw of power?