Just picked up a cheap single 12" RE SX D2. Would've gone FI but I found a really nice deal on this sub.

Planning out my box and having some trouble. It looks like the only place (Home Depot) I can find nearby on O'ahu that sells MDF 3/4" sells it in 24"x48" sheets. Because the sheets are only 2 feet wide, I keep running into having to buy at least four sheets and wasting a fair bit of material if I use this plan below:


I've been running some other dimensions on RE's box designer, but knowing fairly little of the affects my shifting of box dimensions might have, I am reluctant to mess around too much. As long as I get the same amount of box volume with the same tuning (according to their calculator) should I get the same sound from different dimensions?

Any help, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated.