i'll do a 2.5 cu ft box with a common chamber for my 2 10's and make a slot port, double up on the particle board since i can't get mdf because the only lumber store here is gay and doesn't carry it, and i'll countersink the subs (ie since i have two sheets of particle board put together, mount the sub on the one thats underneath, have it cut out to the mounting diameter, and then cut out the top sheet to the actual real length of the sub so it countersinks like a screw) and should i use just one sheet for the slot port or still stick with two?
can anyone help me with the dimensions of the slot port? i don't know how to calculate frequencies with slot ports
the dimensions will be 15.5 high, 15.5 deep and i'm not sure how wide because i don't know how much the port will protrude on the side or in the center, wherever i put it.