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Reload Thread: need help with kerf spacing

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    need help with kerf spacing

    im getting ready to start cutting the kerfs for my flared port box, but im not sure on the spacing. The inside radius is going to be 2" once my kerf is done, my cuts should last a total of 3.75".

    does someone have a formula to figure this out?

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    Re: need help with kerf spacing

    Not being a **** but search, I remember this question was just asked awhile ago and someone gave the formula to figure it out. I would search But dont feel like it. sorry. iirc (whitch could be wrong) 10 cuts .5" apart will yeald a 3.5" wide curve. This is just off of the top of my head. Hope some one else will chime in.

    Thummper(sp) and BJfish should be able to maybe help you, as they seem to have mastered the kerfing.

    Also it will probally take some practice, Dont just jump in. Cut some practice pieces as I learned the hard way.

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