Ok, so the beretta is gone and I have 4 10" subs sitting doing nothing along with a Memphis 1000D amp... I have my 4 channle and speakers in some enclosures with my headunit wired up with some computer power supplies and have a pretty nice sounding setup going in my room. So I thought I would build a box for 1 of the 10's and run it off my 1000D (4ohm, way less then what the amp can do but... meh). I would run all 4 but I think my neighbours would kill me (or evict me...)

So I am looking to build a simple box for my 1 10" Memphis PR. What should I build? I want it to go really low. I will be crossovering it at about 50-60Hz as the enclosures I have my speakers in allow them to get some real nice mid bass and bass. I just need something to get those really low notes out. doesnt need to be stupid loud as I am sitting about 3 ft away from the speakers and the sub will be somewhere close as well.

I am thinking slot ports for simplicity but I am open to suggestion. Specifically I am looking for type of box, volume, port size and tuning info. I have built boxes before but never designed one. I want to do this one from scratch just for fun. And I also plan to carpet it.

Thanks for any help!