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Reload Thread: How to determin port lenth and area of aero ports

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    How to determin port lenth and area of aero ports

    How the hell do I find out how big around or how long of aero ports have to be for a certain subwoofer, I have a 15 TC-2000, and about to get an 18, but want to go with areos, and need some help

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    Re: How to determin port lenth and area of aero ports

    you really should use the search man.

    if your using a standard aero like the precision port, you can go to their website and use their calculator.

    if your making your own aero that has flares:

    if your using just straight PVC with no flares, you can just use any port length calculator.

    ps: you can get away with about half the port area using an aero port, versus a slot port.

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    Re: How to determin port lenth and area of aero ports

    Lawl. Just listen to George. And use the search button.

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