Dear fellow audiophile,

You received a PM a couple days ago, asking you to sign a thread in the Lounge. I thank you for doing so.

That was Step 1 of “Quest for Moderation”.

Now, Step 2. We think this is a rather drastic step, but, we also believe that this will gain more attention than a thread on the board.

We propose that, we, the member, of, take 1 day off the forum. This will, hopefully, prove to the Admin, that the board will in fact fall apart without the guidance of us.

The scheduled date for this is Friday, March 7 2003.

Please refrain from posting or visiting the board on this day. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and effort in our quest for active moderation.

You may resume posting on Saturday, March 8 2003.

Feedback is welcome. VIA PM if you wish, please.

- Steve (a.k.a. ss3079) [Thanks YOU for your continued support]
There is no need to reply...we have covered this in many other threads.