Well I'm a newbe here and this is my first post so please feel free to make suggestions. Just bought a 05 Chevy Colorado with 10,000 miles dirt cheap. I am in the process of designing the system since having only 2 door speakers and nothing else kinda *****. I will be ordering my deck which is a Pioneer DEH-7900BT. It has 3 sets of per-outs and built in bluetooth. For the mids and highs I'm probably going to go with CDT CL-61a with upgraded tweeters (not quite sure yet). The sub is a toss up between the JL 10w6 or the Kicker 10SL7. If I go with the JL I can run a kicker zx550.3 and run the component set and sub in one amp or a kicker 400.1 to the sub abd a 200.2 to the component set . If I went with the L7 I would run a kicker zx600.1 (for the sub) and a kicker zx200.2 (for the component set). I have these set-ups priced out and they are within about $60 of each other with the JL set-up with one amp the more expensive one.

Now on to my questions. For the box I would like to build a wedge stylebox that measures 14.5 (H) x 17 (W) x 10 (BD) x 6 (TD) sealed. In doing so the box internal volume comes out to be .91 ft3 which would allow me to use just about any 10 inch sub. My problem is that I need to figure out the angles for the top and bottom of the wedge. I would also like to know what angles need to be cut for each of the four edges that make the front of the box a wedge (if that makes any sense). I was on kicker's website and they sell a ts10l7 which would fit snugly between the the the tirejack and the side of the truck, but my issue with that is that this sub and box sells for $400 and I can get an L7 for $150 and a 4x8 sheet of mdf for $22 (I already have everything else).

I have expirence building boxes but I could never get the andles to line up perfectly. With this box I now have access to a table saw (which I didn't with previous boxes) and I want the box to look like it was professionally built, with an amp rack, and both covered in vinyl. Any tips and suggestions on box, sub, or component selection would be greatly appreciated. sorry hor the long post.