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Reload Thread: someone help figure port tuning frequency

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    someone help figure port tuning frequency

    Already have this box finished so guess it's too late to change but would like some help on finding the port tuning of this enclosure!

    the ID of enclosure is 32.5" wide X 22.5" deep X 10.75 high which should give me a total gross cibic feet of 4.55 cubes right??

    The subs are gonna be inverted so no need to subtract for sub displacement my port is 22.5" wide X 2.75" high X 16" deep!! If I am using winisd correct that give me a final tuning frequency of 47 hz!! Is this correct??? Just checking my figures on this. Not that it matters on this but this box is for a pair of 12" audioque hd3 12's.

    Thanks for help !! Slacker

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    Re: someone help figure port tuning frequency

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    Re: someone help figure port tuning frequency

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    Re: someone help figure port tuning frequency

    there is some info missing that will help to accurately calculate the tuning of the enclosure.
    now assuming that the port is some where at the bottom of the enclosure, centered for looks and its not using any of the side walls of the enclosure as part of the port. and only using the bottom of the enclosure as the bottom of the port then the port displacement is: .0247cu.ft
    the enclosure Gross volume is: 3.4848cu.ft , Net volume is: 3.46cu.ft
    using the Net volume and the port parameters, the tuning of the enclosure comes out to be around: 46Hz.

    let me know if my assumptions of the port location are right.
    if not then the port displacement has to be recalculated to figure the net volume and tuning of the enclosure.
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