i have been trying to design a box but seem to get it wrong, i dont have the knowledge to design a ported box correctly. i would be willing to pay for somone to design me a set of plans so that i can give them to a woodworker so that they could make the box.
i would just pay somone to build the box but i live in the UK and its going to be difficult to send it.

anyway i want a ported box for a RE SX 15, i have 30" width 17" height and 20" depth, i calculated that i have 4.73 cubic feet. i dont know what tuning i should have for that size box, but the RE internet site says 34Hz for 4 cubes.

so would 4.73 cubes be alright, as the driver is going to take up some box space.

also which way should the sub be facing, is it towards the tailgate or facing the roof.