I am trying to trade my Eclipse SC8462 Components to this guy. Problem is that I have no mounting hardware for the tweets (the backs are missing b/c of my custom install enclosure) and need to find a way to get this to work. Here's how he explained the problem:

let me explain my situation. I have a stock Toyota Highlander 2003. The stock stereo had a 6-6 1/2" full range and a seperate tweeter. Both of those were in the door panel. When I upgraded a few years ago I basically just switched out the stock stuff for the Focal stuff. I used the stock tweeter mounting brackets with the focal tweeters. No problem. There was a screw hole in the back of the tweeter that mounted right to the stock bracket. Done. The problem with your tweeters is I see no mounting brackets or screw holes that I could adpat the stock ones. For the full ranges I made brackets out of MDF. I will most likely reuse those with the new eclipse. No problem. Basically I'm trying to keep the whole thing low profile and stock looking so that I don't attract thieves. Let me know what you think I can do to solve the tweeter dilemma.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated b/c I can't think of anything atm.