Ok guys the purpose of this thread is to find out about 1 thing. i have a pair of q form kicks (which are hollow) they dont have a sealed back to them. i asking pretty much if it is a good idea to seal the q forms when i have 4" mid ranges and tweets in them. I understand tweets dont care, but isnt the mid range the most important driver in a 3 way set. isnt it also important to seal the kicks to be able to lay some deadener closer cell foam down on top of it. Wouldnt it add more detail since it wouldnt be exposed to cabin....? The q forms are gonna be reinforced inside no ? with fg, but shouldnt they be sealed while it being reinforced?

I plan to maybe to sell the 3 ways later and go 2 way diy active with some good drivers. would a 6.5 need a sealed pod?