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Reload Thread: need an enclosure design for RE MX...

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    need an enclosure design for RE MX...

    anyone wanna help me (help doesn't mean free, i wouldn't ask for a hand out unlss your in the mood) with an enclosure design for 1 12" RE MX?

    i think the optimal tuning is 2.2 cubes @ either 33hz or 34hz maybe someone can clarify that for me...

    either way the dimensions should not exceed 30w X 15t X 20d (whatever has to be done to reach correcting tuning within those measurements is fine)

    id also like the internal port walls done labyrinth style and a nice large port opening, not 5" but 2"+ would be nice, for some reason i like the beefier look...

    let me know...
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    Re: need an enclosure design for RE MX...

    I'll help/do it for ya.But I do not recommend a labryinth style port.Let me know.

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