I bulit a box for my concept ft10 sub. It fits in behind the bench seat of my reg cab toyota 4x4. Anyways it has .66 c/ft of airspace(wt port and sub included). My first problem is that i put a speaker terminal ( the black box thing where the wire plugs into) on the one side and it rattles like crazy. It is screwed down and has lots of silicone on it. How can i fix that. Next is that my port size is supposed to be 3'' diameter x 12'' long. I could only find 2inch around my house so i put that in. How greatly will this effect preformance? There is no port noise and the box sounds excellent except for the annoying rattle coming from the speaker terminal. I had the box sealed before and noticed a huge difference when i ported the box today, it hits alot harder now. Any help would be great