I am about to build an enclosure for my car and I'm trying to choose between two possible designs fro an "SQL" setup. I'll be running two 12 inch subs at .5 ohm on an IA 20.1 in an Acura CL coupe trunk which I have heavily deadened (No rattles with two rear firing 15s). First option would be to build an upfiring box with ports back into the trunk with the subs about 6" from the back wall of the trunk. I figured this might "load" the subs and give a slight boost. Second would be to build it forward firing with port in the middle firing through the fold down armrest. Option 2 requires even more work sealing off the trunk and wasting all the deadner I put into the trunk but if it would be the better choice, I will do it. If there's not much difference between the two, I will go with the upfiring. Please share your opinions with me. Thanks.