Hey, i just bought a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. When buying the car i made sure that there was plenty of room in the trunk for the box i would be putting in from my old car. Well.. one thing i forgot to measure was how much space was available to put things in the trunk..

So on to my issue. I have this:

It will fit in the trunk, plenty of room. Getting it in is the problem. No way it's going in through the trunk. The seats do fold down, and the box will slide halfway in, but it's catching on something. I'm going to try some more with my dad to see if we can wiggle it in but i don't want to damage the car (Theres only 8 miles on it..)

The question: If i were to cut the box in half, place it in the trunk, and then seal it back together, would it sound the same?