Well, earlier today I went through the box plans sticky and looked around for a box that would fit my car. I found two. One was tuned to 45Hz but building that would only limit me to using for compitition purposes. The other on is a 3.5cf tuned to 33Hz

I made a few mistakes but managed to get away with them thanks to fiberglass that I will be using tommorow. This is my first ever ported box I have ever used. I've always went with sealed and let me tell you, ported boxes are a little more difficult in constucting and a B!TCH without a table saw. Got to get me a table saw.
Soundstreams specs on this sub was,
A. 3.0cf @ 27hz w/two 4" x 22" round ports
B. 4.0cf @ 32hz w/three 4" x 16" round ports

I hope everything will come out sounding nicely and if not I'll just buy some round ports and build to SS specs.

Does anyone think I built a good box for my SounStream SPL160?