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Reload Thread: space around perimeter of sub?

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    space around perimeter of sub?

    yeah, i searched and couldn't find any relevant matches. but i'm building a box for an rlp12, using one of moe's box plans. anyways, the mounting hole for the sub is 11.02" and the face of my box is 11.5". i have a feeling this is too tight to play with... am i right?

    this is the box i was using...

    i wanna keep it at 2ft^3 and 34hz, so if this doesn't work whats easy to fix it? i didn't cut yet, i just drew everything out on the sheet of mdf, and found another one of his plans thats 13.5" in the more buffer room there. might just do that if the other won't work

    sound splinter rl.p 12"
    2ft^3 @ 29hz
    cadence z5000
    eDi 6000s v.2
    eD nine.2
    premeire deh-p590

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    Re: space around perimeter of sub?

    id say its better to be safe if you're feeling discomforted

    references:dalucifer,woc47,jacka,alias747,hawaiian basshed

    box builds for friends: Assassin 8, ARC 12D4, SWR-1241D, SWR-1541D, AW1206T, MTX 9512, MTX 7512

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    Re: space around perimeter of sub?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kusan_31
    id say its better to be safe if you're feeling discomforted
    From that pic, it looks like your total front face is 13" including the top and bottom pieces right?

    So that might it might be tought in that when you mount the subwoofer, the screws might go through the joints between the top, face, and bottom which could might bring some problems.

    If you still wanted the same size box, maybe you could try to reconfigure the pieces of wood, so that the face take up the whole front instead of having the top and bottom front edges showing in front.

    Or it could be easier to just go with the second design.

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