Im getting a planet audio FU sub and im needing to build a box for it....Ive built a few different boxes based on manufacturers dimensions, so i know the basics of box building, carpeting, etc. But I cant find any recomended dimensions for these subs and im needing some suggestions on how big to build the box, or tips on how to figure out how big the box should be, what to tune it to, etc based on the subwoofers specifications. any help from you guys would be great.

Im looking for SPL, and the box is prob going to be ported....but depending on the space needed i might go sealed, either way im looking for the most decibels available.

Sub Specs:
Planet Audio FU12
Max Power: 2400W
RMS: 1200w
Freq Response: 15hz-500hz
Efficiency: 83dbs
Impedence: Dual 2ohms
Magnet: 150oz
Mounting Depth: 5-11/16"

any info from you guys would be great! or if maybe you can point me in the right direction as for a website that will fill me in on some info on how to do this myself in the future...not necessarily building the box, but tuning it, deciding dimensions, etc.