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    Subwoofer baffle board questions...

    I am ready to make my cutouts on the speaker baffle board for my subs but have a few questions before I start.

    I am using Moe Lesters 4ft^3 at 35Hz slot vent box design for two Type R's ('05 or '06)

    How much space should be left between each subwoofers cut out hole in between the two?

    I know that since the subs have an 11" cutout and that the baffle is 12.5" tall that I should have .75" from both the top edge and bottom edge to each hole but how far apart should the actual cutouts be from each other?

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    Re: Subwoofer baffle board questions...

    best way is to set the subs upside down on the front, and leave at least .5 inch seperation of the outer rim of the subs.

    you cut the holes too close together, then the subs wont fit in the holes will sit on top of the other. for all your custom enclosure needs
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    Check this thread for all the build logs being posted.

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    Re: Subwoofer baffle board questions...

    What I did for my two boxes was divide the baffle in half...then connect the corners of each 'division' from top to bottom and to opposing corners...i.e. top left to bottom right. where your lines cross is your middle point. jasper that bish at 11" and voila...

    And again...if you want help I have a router and a jasper...not to mention I'm local. It'll take a whole lot of 5 minutes...

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