I'm making an amp rack that will sit vertically in the trunk of my 2004 Acura TL. I will be using a JL Audio e1400D and e6450 as part of my setup.

In my rack, I have allocated 32 inches of space to accommodate both amps side by side. The e6450 is 6 inches larger in width at 17.8 inches, while the e1400 is 11.8 inches.

My plan is to create a window panel made of smoked plexiglass. My plan is to create a silhouette effect through a combination of the smoked plexi and lighting inside of the rack.

I have a couple of problems. Because of the difference in width between the two amps, I don't know how to go about creating a real center point behind the smoked plexiglass that will make everything look centered (horizontally) on the rack. I also want to avoid creating a dark space between the two amps because I will need to hide the wires that run between them.

Here is a picture of my rack while still being fabricated. I have drawn some mock-ups on top of the panel that give an indication of where dark areas might show and how the amps will look when lit up.

The vertical line running from top to bottom is the center point.

- Starting from the left, the narrow rectangle covers the left edge of the amp. The first square centers the amp in the window.

- The second square is meant to cover the right edge of the e1400d, the gap and wires between the two amps, and the left edge of the e6450.

- The third square centers over the e6450. And, the right rectangle is meant to hide the right edge of the e6450.

- I hope this makes sense. I can post more pics later if necessary. Any suggestions are appreciated.