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Reload Thread: i dont quite get this SSF setting

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    i dont quite get this SSF setting

    okay, ive been reading and ppl are saying that you want to set your SSF 1/2 or 1/4 an octave below your tuning frequency. I dont understand how you figure that out. Is there a formula, or am i just retarted. Anyway, the box im building is gonna be 33 Hz. If anyone can tell me where to set my SSF with my box, id appriciate it.

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    Re: i dont quite get this SSF setting

    first you have to understand what an octave is. by simply going to google will tell you everthing you need to know.

    an octave is 1/2 or double a frquency.
    example. an actave above 30hz is 60 hz an an actave below 30hz is 15 hz.
    its as simple as that.

    this is how i set my ssf if i dont know what a box is tuned to. (you will need eiter a remote to change tracks or a friend to help.)
    1. i make a cd with test tones (20-50hz)
    2. i play them in car at LOW volume. i start at 50 hz and work my way down .
    3. when you see the woffer start to unload go back one or two tracks. (this is where the firend comes in)
    exaple. if it stars to unload at the 30 hz tone.then go back to 32hz tone
    4. adust the ssf untill it just starts to filter out that frequecy (32 hz).
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