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    port length question

    For those of you familiar with bass box pro and/or winisd, help me out here.

    The box is 2 cuft tuned to 30hz (12" rlp), 4" precision port

    When I do this calculation (Lv=((8466.4*r^2)/(Vb*Fb^2))-(1.463*r) I get a number like 15.89". Winisd gives 16.28" with end correction being .614 (is that right for 2 flared ends?) And Bass box Pro gives a length of 17.35".

    Which of these is correct? Or is there some other part if it I am missing? It seems as though they should all be the same length if my numbers are identical, but they obviously are not.

    Also, a precision port ordered from PE is 17" in length with adding the flares and not cutting anything, correct?


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    Re: port length question

    I dont know which is correct, but you wont hear an audible difference between the two lengths...

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    Re: port length question

    Your first one is correct, BBP and WinISD are a little off and they won't fix it.

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