Alright I have 2 DUAL XiNC110's (10 inch subwoofers) and I am now faced with the dilema as to what box to enclose them in. Now if this was simple then I would already have done this but unfortuently it isnt...not one bit. Anyway here's my dilema. I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I'm planning on placing each woofer into its own enclosure and make myself a fairly simple amprack to run the length inbetween each box since they will be at the far ends of the trunk. Now what I have to deal with is the fact that I am an avid snowboarder and I also go offroading and my trunk can have quite a few medium/heavy objects inside it and with that in mind I can't just use a regular sealed or ported/vented box because the subwoofer will be exposed and be totally destroyed. So with that said my only realistic option left is to make a bandpass box for each...4th order most likely but knowing how complicated they are and such like that I don't want to have to remake a box over and over until I get it right considering my limited budget. I also like to listen to lots of rock/hard rock but I will listen to rap occassionally...this system isn't going to be used constantly though, only for shows and some road on road use when I'm cruising around town or something. What I really need to know is how to build a bandpass box that will somehow preserve the midrange frequencies and low range frequencies and have a bit wider frequency range. Right now as far as space in the trunk goes I have calculated these boxes to each be around 13.5in high, 12in deep and 15 in wide. If someone could either give me what the port dimensions should be or a different set of box dimensions (keep in mind I want the amprack running inbetween and I only have 46 inches of width from wheel well to wheel well) or even some pointers to make this work right for my type of music that would be highly appreciated