i have been out of the car audio bit for a while but i am slowly inching my way back. my truck system once consisted of an Alpine head unit going to an Alpine digital pre-out/eq, Alpine V12 amps, two Lanzar LP 10's in ported enclosures (forgot what it was tuned at), Bostwick 4x6 coaxials and Soundstream Pro Series 5.25 components in Q-logic kick panels. all of which i installed myself.

which brings me to my current situation. i have an 05 wrx and want to start building a small system for it. i tolerated the stock system for a while, mostly because it had a 6 disc in-dash changer. but it really did sound like crap at moderate to high volume. so i finally switched out the deck for an Alpine CDA-9847 i am going to start looking into 6.5" components in the front and 5.25 coaxials in the rear.

here is where the 'Old School' part comes in. i have a 10" Orion XTR IB SVC and 2 Hifonics Series VII Vulcans amps. they have been sitting in my parents basement for years and practically "new." i am thinking of running one amp mono to the sub and possibly the other for the highs. i know i should ideally use a 4 channel, but i want to use the other amp for something!

my real question is (after a long winded explaination) is what kind of box to build for my sedan. the Orion is supposedly designed for infinite baffle but i would rather enclose it. i want the smallest possible enclosure and i listen mostly to rock/punk. i know there are better options out there but if it is feasible to use this sub i would like to.

if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated!