currently i have a box wich is a 4.5 cu ft dimensions are H 16" W 30" D 21" , and its pretty loud with a small amp(bigger amp supposed to be here this week) and well i wanna go ported, recently i saw a 15" l7 with a 4.5 box with aeroports wich looked bad ***, and i was wondering how much of the aeroports should i buy and how long in length and width for my 4.5 box to sound great with my sub?? u guys think it would sound good??

also i have done several ported boxes out of moe lester plans, and i had planned to make a 3.5 ported box out of moe lesters plans but now that ive seen how kool it looks with the piping ports i was considering doing it, wut do u guys recomend me.

thanks, em