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Reload Thread: need quote for diamond d6 12" enclosure

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    Icon32 need quote for diamond d6 12" enclosure

    hay guys. i need a a new box and a qoute for a diamond d612d4 ported enclosure.

    give me a price for a single ported enclosure and a dual ported enclosure and a shipped price to 93535...

    the box i have my diamond in now is rattling it apart and making the woofer kind of distorty now.

    i just got the woofer last week and it sounded ok until the sub has begun to shred the box....

    heres link to single ported

    and heres link to dual ported

    also can i make the dual ported enclosure out of 1 sheet of mdf? how much does a sheet of mdf cost?

    thanks guy. everyone on here is real helpful and glad to be apart of the site.

    one love, & jah bless,

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    Re: need quote for diamond d6 12" enclosure

    Expect around 160 shipped for the single, 200 shipped for the dual ported

    It may be less or more depending on who you talk to

    talk to PV Audio(Lemans), Moe Lester, FRITO, they all do boxes.

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    Re: need quote for diamond d6 12" enclosure

    pm sent
    w/ quote

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    Re: need quote for diamond d6 12" enclosure

    110 shipped for the single 12, 140+ ship for the dual 12.

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