Hey im about to put my Two Treo SSX 15.22's in my 03 Lancer ... AGAIN. it was in a box that's was 11.15 cu.ft. tuned to about 32 hz. I had about 1.2kw available to each of them. Now i wanted to know if this box is too big for those subs to get 3+kw tone burst per sub. The port is removeable so i can adjust the tuning. I just want the experts opinion on weather the subs suspension could take that. The specs are at http://www.treoonline.com/ssx.html then click on the view specifications. Should i go smaller, bigger or leave it be? I can only squeeze maybe 1 or 2 more cu ft out of my trunk.

Daily driving the "daily" port will be in place with 1.6kw available to each sub.