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    slot port box help.

    i spoke to parts express about the TB W8-740c's i got and was recommended a box .686 volume and a port 5"h, 1"w, and 21 1/8"L. he said this will give me a tuning of 34 hz. im new to ported boxes and dont know what the hell im doing with this. can anyone tell me if the math is right? if it is im going to give this info to someone to design a box that i'll build. thanks.

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    Re: slot port box help.

    it would be tuned to 29.18Hz with an f3=30.59Hz, youll go below 0dbs @ 75.64Hz,
    youll peak @ 1.5db@ 114.53Hz and your frequency response @ 3db is going to be from 30.59Hz ~ 200.42Hz

    youll start hearing port noise around 37.70HZ , its estimated spl of 105dbs.

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