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    Custom Enclosure

    Can somebody build me a custom 12" box for my '98 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab? Preferably under the rear driver's side seat...

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    Re: Custom Enclosure

    PM Moe Lester....

    double post...

    Quote Originally Posted by profilepower
    lol..sum guy thinks a box make subs tight..
    a box might help you saying if ya 15 is in the same box as my 10. theyre both as tight as each other???
    whatever..the thing is the mark means you thought i have a 10 foot sub???
    this guy is the dumest of you all....HAHahahAHAhaHahAHAhaHa
    oh i think the lil boy complaining is talking about i hit a n instead of a s. it confused him..
    i'm sorry lil boy now is it better......its 10'' is tighter.
    my 2 marks are too far apart i'm going back to 1. it means inches lil boys..ok
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