ok guys i have read as far back as possible and came accros tuning ported boxes to 40hz ideal for rap /hiphop

two questions.

is this ideal for hip hop /rap music?

is this going to be loud? which is what i am after!

i know woofer information is a must so i am going with 2 12w6v2's in a 1.4 cubic feet enclosure tuned at 40hz.......the box is from SUBZone who i have heard have a reputation for making kick *** boxes......is this true?

i am pushing each 12 with its own 500/1 amp so the power is there.

thannks for your comments and help on this issue.

by the bay if the box is already tunned to 40hz how can i change the tunning to lets say 35hz?

and will i be able to tell the difference?

also if the port is already made do i need to enlarge it to achieve the 35hz tunning or do i have to short it?

again thanks!